If you find bats nesting in your house, you should immediately think about the removal process of these animals. The Elite Pest Wildlife has experienced experts who can handle these animals with ease. Since there are strict guidelines and laws to handle these animals, you need to call the bat removal experts in Branford. You need to remove the bats since they can cause harm to your family and pets as well. The experts use the best techniques to handle these animals. Our experts will point out the hide-out places of animals and remove them from those areas.

Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are small insects that are found in your beds and beddings. These insects are very annoying ones and at the same time can cause a lot of damage. If you are looking for solutions, then we have the bed bugs specialists in Branford who help you instantly. We specialize in the treatment of bed bugs in residential areas. Our service is most affordable. We serve Bradford and adjacent areas as well. We work as per your satisfaction.


Skunks are famous for their black and white color and foul smells. When it comes to the business premises and home, they are the most common wildlife nuisance. They can be found in both suburban and urban areas of any property. You must call the skunk control experts in Branford if you are facing continuous problems with these animals. Since these animals carry rabies, they can create a lot of damage to human beings and pets. The experts handle things with extreme professionalism. We follow every rule and guideline while removing these animals from your place.


It can be a really difficult thing to handle the fleas since these insects are just jumping nuisance. These insects are often seen during summer and spring and can pose a lot of problems. It is necessary to treat these animals with lots of professionalism. You can call the Elite Pest Wildlife fleas to control experts in Branford, who can handle them with a lot of ease. These experts know and use techniques for catching fleas. While we take care of the flees, we ensure that they don’t come back.


Rodents are a combination of rats and mice that can enter your house and eat your food and drink your water. These are simply dangerous animals for your health and property. These animals can bite your kids and pets as well. They carry lots of diseases like coli infection, rat-bite fever, and leptospirosis. It is essentially important to control and eradicate these animals from your house. You can surely take the help of rodent control experts in Branford, who will take care of these animals with ease.