Ants can survive in a sunny climate and hence they are usually found in the corners of the house where there is a source of heat. Our experts can help you deal with the menace caused by the ants in your house.


Rats and mice are known to spread various diseases which can be harmful for humans. Rats were responsible for the spread of the Black Death plague in the mid-1300s. We have experienced professionals who will not only ensure that your house is rid of the mice and rats all around, but also help in the prevention of the spread any further.

Bed Bugs

Backed by appropriate knowledge in the extermination of the bed bugs, we are experts when it comes to the removal of these pests from your house. From appropriate inspection of your home for the bed bugs to the removal, we will help you all throughout.


If you have pet animals in your home, it is most likely that you have constant intrusion by fleas. No matter how clean your home might be, fleas could be a problem that bugs you at all times. The flea removal procedure requires dedicated professionals who will ensure that the problem is completely taken care and any future attacks are prevented from happening.