Elite Pest and Wildlife have years of experience when it comes to extractions of raccoons. Our experts have the best knowledge of removing these large animals. These animals are carriers of rabies, which is one of the deadliest viruses. Since they are nocturnal, they can reside in your house and will come out at night in search of food. Our raccoon removal experts in Welland have the expertise in: Encountering aggressive raccoons, Removal of baby raccoons, Full inspection and removal of raccoons from inside and outside of your home and Capture and release of raccoons


Elite Pest and Wildlife have been incorporated to prevent and remove squirrels for many years. We provide an efficient and effective removal service. We always ensure that your home is safe from the infestation of squirrels. These furry little wild animals have the habit of jumping on the trees and can enter your house through the open windows and reside on the ventilators and lofty areas of the houses. Our squirrel removal experts in Welland are quite capable of:Baby squirrel removal,Squirrel removal and Squirrel Prevention.


Cockroaches are the most unhygienic animal, which is closely associated with human beings and their surroundings. Elite Pest and Wildlife experts make sure that your house is free from cockroaches. These insects are masters of contributing to numerous health diseases. Since they spread germs and contaminate food, these insects are unhealthy for your family and home. Our cockroach removal experts in Welland will:Minimize the chances of further infestation, Use special techniques to eradicate these species and offspring, Secure a healthy environment, Use eco-friendly chemicals to kill them


We offer the best quality spider treatment and guarantee that the pest doesn’t infest your property at any time. Elite Pest and Wildlife has the best experts who can do the extraction of spiders with ease. We know that generally most people are afraid of this animal and consider it an annoying pest. You need to call the spider removal experts in Welland, who is proficient in the removal of: Large spiders, Clear the webs of the spiders in a complete manner, Clean the eggs of the pests.


Your house can be in danger if you find that your house is infested with skunks. These animals are can create problems for many reasons. While they can create a mess, they can even damage property. Elite Pest and Wildlife have the best experts to control these animals who can spread nuisance in your home. We know that these animals are known for spreading foul odors. So, skunk removal experts in Welland will help you in: Baby skunk removal, Skunk removal, Prevention of Skunks