Ant control is an important part of keeping your home pest-free year round. These tiny insects are one of the most common in Burlington, Ontario area that invade homes and surface unexpectedly. Ants can survive in a sunny climate and hence they are usually found in the corners of the house where there is a source of heat. Our experts can help you deal with the menace caused by the ants in your house. Call our Ant removal Burlington experts to deal with these pests in an effective way.

Bed Bugs

Backed by appropriate knowledge in the extermination of the bed bugs, we are experts when it comes to the removal of these pests from your house. From appropriate inspection of your home for the bed bugs to the removal, we will help you all throughout. Call our bed bug removal Burlington experts to deal with these pests in an effective way.


Squirrels chew on the articles that are exposed and the surfaces of the house that are exposed, such as the roof, vents, shingles or attic might be the first places where these tiny animals can invade. Once the squirrels are inside, they are most likely to chew on the electrical wires, defecate and urinate in the attic and displace the insulation. On top of it, these animals might bring with them harmful bacteria and viruses that could lead to the onset of contagious diseases in the family. Call our squirrel removal Burlington experts to deal with these wild animals in humane ways.


We’re one of the best Bat removal experts in Burlington. Bats are nocturnal mammals that move around in the night and can be quite frightful given their body color. Anyone seeing a bat in the night is bound to be scarred, especially if it is in their own house where they live. Elite Pest and Wildlife is equipped to handle the removal of the bats that might have invaded your home. While it might be hard to spot them in the day time, there are a variety of special techniques that we make use to complete the job. Call Our Bat Control Experts Today. We're Bat Removal Experts in Burlington.


Rodents are small, wild and potentially dangerous due to the damage that they cause all around. There are risks such as a contamination of the food you eat and the water that you drink. The removal of the rodents is known to be a nuisance and hence it is necessary that a professional undertakes the procedure of rodent removal from your home. You should only trust an organization that is dependable and provides services that you can rely on. Contact our exterminators now to avail effective rodent control services in Burlington.