Whether it’s a big black spider staring at you from your bedroom ceiling, or a mouse that scurries past your feet as you walk through the basement, our team at Elite Pest and Wildlife knows the frustration (and fear!) that comes with discovering you have a pest issue on your hands. Before you waste time and money on ineffective store-bought products, reach out to our team of experts here in Burlington for service you can count on. It is extremely important to hire a reputable and reliable company that can provide you long lasting results at the best price – our fully licensed and extensively trained technicians are equipped with the latest and greatest technology, meaning our methods are always guaranteed. After helping hundreds of customers in all kinds of situations, we are confident in our abilities to rid your home of whatever uninvited guest you may have.

Let us thoroughly investigate your wildlife or pest problem to come up with the best course of action. With no stone left unturned, our Pest and Wildlife Technicians will determine exactly how wildlife has entered your home, and offer state-of-art solutions to remove them as well as keep them out indefinitely. All wildlife is handled 100% humanely, bringing them back into the great outdoors where they belong! If it’s insects that have invaded, rely on our safe and eco-friendly methods to eliminate the problem at the source. We tailor each service to best fit your unique needs, which means delivering results that you can count on.

Our Pest & Wildlife Services in Burlington

The list of wildlife and pest problems that one in Burlington may come across is abundant, meaning that the calls we receive everyday are never the same. Be assured that we can provide fast and effective solutions no matter what you’re facing, as we offer dozens of services to fit the needs of those in our community. Elite Pest and Wildlife aims to be your year-round pest control provider, with treatments such as full-home spider sprays in the summer, rodent control in the winter months, humane bat removal in the spring, and much more. Our highly trained staff can tackle the unique demands of each season and what it means in the world of wildlife and insects – take a look below at our comprehensive list.

Why Choose Us in Burlington:

We are proud to be one of Burlington’s top choices for local pest and wildlife removal. With the best technicians and staff in the business, you won’t find such personal and quality service anywhere else. We know some of the unpleasant feelings and emotions that can come with having a pest issue within your home – embarrassment, shame, and overall uneasiness. A lot of people will try to deal with things on their own rather than admit to others that there is a problem they are potentially unequipped to handle. From the very first phone call with us, we guarantee you will feel heard, sympathised with, and free of judgement. Wildlife and pests can affect anyone at any time for reasons beyond their control, and we are here to use our decades of experience to provide unbeatable results. Our company’s mission is to successfully remove nuisance wildlife or pests from in and around the home, while allocating insightful knowledge to our customers that will benefit them long-term. Call us today to chat to our friendly team and schedule your visit with a fully licensed technician, or to receive an estimate on any of our numerous services.

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