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Elite Pest & wildlife provide affordable pest and wildlife control service to keep unwanted pests out of your homes and businesses.


Squirrels chew on the articles that are exposed and the surfaces of the house that are exposed, such as the roof, vents, shingles or attic might be the first places where these tiny animals can invade.


Mice are known to multiply at a fast rate and soon they can be all over your house. In such a circumstance, it becomes necessary to have a form of control to get rid of the persistent mice attacks in your home


If you are in search of a solution to the constant threat from rats in your region, it is time to undertake a rat removal procedure from Elite Pest and Wildlife. We are a leading provider of rat removal services in Ontario.


Bats are nocturnal mammals that move around in the night and can be quite frightful given their body colour. Anyone seeing a bat in the night is bound to be scarred, especially if it is in their own house where they live.

skunk in backyard


Skunks can be troublesome in your home and they wreak a lot of havoc in the area that they inhabit. They are known to release a very pungent odor as a defense mechanism and this can create a bad smell all around the house.


Raccoons are known to get into the house through any small opening that they might find. They normally choose to enter our homes in order to take shelter in the warmth of the house


Ants can survive in a sunny climate and hence they are usually found in the corners of the house where there is a source of heat. Our experts can help you deal with the menace caused by the ants in your house.


Spiders are probably one of the most disliked creatures. They create messy webs around the house and can be a danger to your kids. They are not all dangerous, but there are some varieties of spiders that can have serious impact on your families.


Cockroaches are the most common pest around the world and they always try to get into your home for food, water and shelter. It is always disturbing to find cockroaches at your home because they spread a number of diseases.


We identify, assess and structure compelling real estate transactions, managing them as a sole investor or joint venture.


Backed by appropriate knowledge in the extermination of the bed bugs, we are experts when it comes to the removal of these pests from your house.

Flea Extermination Services - Flea sitting on white surface.


If you have pet animals in your home, it is most likely that you have constant intrusion by fleas. No matter how clean your home might be, fleas could be a problem that bugs you at all times.

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