We are dedicated to the effective and safe removal of ants from your house. We have years of experience when it comes to the removal of ants. Our experts are trained to detect the possible areas, where ants can live in your house. Our programs for the removal of ants are tailored and we will guarantee satisfaction through our service. Our ant removal experts in Hamilton are experienced in environmental conscious treatment. We offer affordable, honest, and warranted service, Eradication of ants including their reproduction process, Same day service, Guaranteed and fully satisfied service.

Bed Bugs

We At Elite Pest and Wildlife are known for the extraction of bedbugs from your home. We serve in all local residences of Hamilton and adjacent areas as well. We always make sure that your house remains free from bedbugs. We understand the nature of the bedbugs and eradicate them from your home. We don’t use harmful chemicals. Our top priority is the safety of your house from these pesticides. Our bedbugs removal experts in Hamilton have the best knowledge and training in the eradication of these pesticides.Our bedbugs removal experts will provide: Proper inspection of your property, Complete removal of bedbugs, Satisfied and guaranteed service


You need to call us immediately if the suspect raccoon infestation is in your house. Elite Pest and Wildlife experts are known to take rapid in such situations. We know the exact places where these animals can hide. Our trustworthy technicians are quite capable of handling these animals. Raccoons can get attracted to your house since they know that they will find food and shelter. They can hide in the porches and basements of your house. Our raccoon removal experts in Hamilton will: Send a qualified team, Listen to your concern carefully, Prevent future infestation.


We are here to serve you if you find bats infesting your house. We at Elite Pest And Wildlife have a dedicated team, who are always there for your help. We are more than capable to eradicate the bats from your house. Bats are nocturnal animals, which can reside in your vents, attics, and chimneys. We make sure that these animals don’t take shelter in your house. Our bat removal experts in Hamilton are capable of providing: 100% result guaranteed service, Same day service without any extra cost, Emergency service, Local and other areas service.


There are high chances that mice have infested your house if you are hearing a scratching sound near your attic. You will know that mice are curious and fearless animals. It is due to this reason, Elite Pest and Wildlife is here at your service. We know that mice can chew through cables, containers, and other objects. They are quite hard to spot, due to the tendency of scurrying away. Our mice removal experts in Hamilton will: Track the probable areas of infestation, Close the entry points of the intrusion of such animals, Use various food items to trap them, Effectively catch them.