Guelph, a city in southwestern Ontario, Canada, is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and strong sense of community. It’s a mix of residential houses, apartments, student housing, historic buildings, trendy shops, restaurants and farmlands. We take pride in offering a committed team of pest control professionals catering to both residential and commercial needs in Guelph. 

If you’ve had enough of ants in your kitchen or spiders in your basement, look no further than our team of pest professionals here at Elite Pest and Wildlife. 

We are highly trained and experienced in the world of all that is pest control, using cutting-edge treatments to provide you with immediate as well as long term relief. Some of you that have ended up here may be thinking thoughts along the lines of, “I don’t have an issue with bugs – I have squirrels or raccoons in my roof!”. Rest assured that all of our technicians are also fully-licensed and equipped to safely and humanely remove wildlife from within and around your home.

Our top priority is solving your pest issue in the best way possible, while also treating all wildlife ethically and responsibly. We pride ourselves in being one of the top service providers of wildlife removal and pest control in Guelph, with quick response times, revolutionary methods, and a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Our Pest and Wildlife technicians are highly skilled in thinking on their feet, recognizing why there is an issue and what preventative measures need to be put in place to stop any future intrusions. The same goes for any other number of pests one may experience – mice, rats, ants, wasps, bed bugs, and more all require a catered approach.

Elite Pest & Wildlife - Our Guelph Service Area

As a resident of Guelph Ontario, there are dozens of situations you could find yourself in when it comes to the world of pests. With green spaces galore, there are plenty of animals around looking for the next best place to settle in – as an older city with older homes, wildlife and rodents in Guelph have an easier time gaining access into homes and underneath structures such as sheds and decks. With a wide range of services, our technicians are able to assist with just about anything that comes their way. Since we have experience in all areas of the industry, you can feel confident that our methods and treatments are the best option for you as well as the environment.

Why Choose Us in Guelph:

We are proud to be one of Guelph’s top choices for local pest and wildlife removal. With the best technicians and staff in the business, you won’t find such personal and quality service anywhere Here at Elite Pest and Wildlife, we are passionate about what we do.

Our passion is what sets us apart, as we want to fully solve your pest problem while also providing the best customer service possible. The home is where the heart is, and we treat every home we enter as if it were our own. We care about each and every customer who chooses to trust us with their pest situation. Furthermore, our team is constantly improving by learning and implementing the newest and most effective solutions for pest and wildlife removal, while keeping prices fair and competitive. Call us today to book an assessment with one of our local Pest and Wildlife technicians, or to receive an estimate on our services/treatments!.

We know some of the unpleasant feelings and emotions that can come with having a pest issue within your home – embarrassment, shame, and overall uneasiness. A lot of people will try to deal with things on their own rather than admit to others that there is a problem they are potentially unequipped to handle. From the very first phone call with us, we guarantee you will feel heard, sympathised with, and free of judgement.

Wildlife and pests can affect anyone at any time for reasons beyond their control, and we are here to use our decades of experience to provide unbeatable results. Our company’s mission is to successfully remove nuisance wildlife or pests from in and around the home, while allocating insightful knowledge to our customers that will benefit them long-term. Call us today to chat to our friendly team and schedule your visit with a fully licensed technician, or to receive an estimate on any of our numerous services.

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