Bats are nocturnal animals that can come out at night and hunt. If you find such animals in your house, you should immediately give a call to the Elite Pest and Wildlife. We are here to provide 24 hours services for your house. Bats are known to terrify homeowners, as they can cause damage to your children and pets. Our bat removal experts in Niagara will show up within a couple of hours, as you give a call. We will eradicate these animals so that they don’t come back to reside in your house.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are insects, which prefer to feed on human blood. These parasites are nocturnal and happen to be active at night and at the same time While they bite, you are going to get some swollen and red rashes in your body. Don’t take a chance and call the Elite Pest and Wildlife experts to control these bedbugs. We are sure that we as bedbugs removal experts in Niagara are the most trusted ones. We will take effective and efficient actions to remove these pesticides.


Skunks are often a liability for any house, as they can build up a residential place in your house. They will choose the places like warehouses and garages. Elite Pest and Wildlife can give 100% guaranteed service for the removal of these animals. The skunk removal experts in Niagara will provide effective and efficient services for household properties. We are very confident that we will be able to help, as we have sufficient experience.


It can be a really difficult thing to handle the fleas since these insects are just jumping nuisance. These insects are often seen during summer and spring and can pose a lot of problems. It is necessary to treat these animals with lots of professionalism. You can call the Elite Pest Wildlife fleas to control experts in Niagara, who can handle them with a lot of ease. These experts know and use techniques for catching fleas. While we take care of the flees, we ensure that they don’t come back.


Rodents are a combination of rats and mice that can enter your house and eat your food and drink your water. These are simply dangerous animals for your health and property. These animals can bite your kids and pets as well. They carry lots of diseases like coli infection, rat-bite fever, and leptospirosis. It is essentially important to control and eradicate these animals from your house. You can surely take the help of rodent control experts in Niagara, who will take care of these animals with ease.