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Raccoons can easily get into your house through any small openings that they might find. They are extremely destructive and can even rip off the shingles, chimney caps and cause other damages. They look for trash cans and leftover food around your home. Raccoons can quickly adapt themselves to the surroundings where they get sources like water and shelter.
At Elite Pest & Wildlife, we have a team of qualified and experienced professionals who will control raccoons from your space in a timely and humane manner. We ensure that all our clients are completely satisfied with our raccoon removal services. We use professional tools which make it easy to catch the raccoons and move them to their natural habitat.

Signs of Raccoon Infestation

Why Do You Need To Remove Raccoons?

Raccoons are notorious animals that access the shelter of chimneys or attics. They also cause expensive damages such as tearing the roof tiles and the wire coverings. Along with eating away the vegetation and fruits, they even destroy the corn and grain farms. Raccoons are omnivores and may attack the birds, their nests, and the eggs.
Our raccoon removal services include:

Why choose Elite Pest & Wildlife?

At Elite Pest & Wildlife, we pride ourselves on providing highly effective and performance-oriented raccoon removal services across Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Kitchener, Waterloo and London. We follow the latest and safe exclusion methods to deter the raccoons away.
Some reasons to choose us include:

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