Safe Pest Control Chemicals

The use of harsh pesticides in and around your home to get rid of pests is dangerous. It’s always better to take an eco-friendly approach and make use of safe pest control chemicals. This can be a much more effective method of pest removal and control and also ensure that you are not in harm’s way due to the use of dangerous chemicals.

We would like to highlight 5 dangerous effects of pesticides which make it necessary to use safe pest control chemicals.

Here are 5 reasons to use safe pest control chemicals:-

1. The Environmental Impact Of Pesticides

Pesticides are known to be extremely harmful to our surrounding environment. The chemicals are known to seep into the soil and leech the underground water with toxic chemicals. They are also known to pollute the air around us. These chemicals remain in the environment for a long time and hence can be a problem for our ecosystem as a result.

2. Numerous Health Risks Associated With Exposure To Chemicals

Continuous exposure to the toxic pesticides can, in turn, lead to a number of health risks for people. While some of the short term issues that are associated with exposure include nausea, dizziness, headaches and skin irritation, the long-term effects are drastic in result. From birth defects, to cancer and genetic disorders, the consequences can be extremely harmful to the people that are exposed to the chemicals.

3. Harms The Useful Pests And Insects

The pesticides that are sprayed are known to harm even the useful pests that might be living on the ground. When you use a large number of pesticides all the time, these pests and insects are likely to die and there are likely to be harmful consequences for this reason.

4. The Results Are Not Satisfactory

When using chemicals and pesticides, you will see that the results are likely to be less and less effective after a few uses. In comparison, the eco-friendly pest control methods utilized are known to have better results on the environment and the results are also likely to stay for a longer span of time.

5. Damages The Landscaping:

The traditional pesticides that are used need reapplication after a few days. If you repeatedly spray harmful chemicals on your property, apart from you and your family’s health, it is also likely to affect your landscaping as well. The grass, bushes, and other herbs might shrivel and die if there is repeated application of the pesticides.

At Elite Pest & Wildlife, we use the safest pest control chemicals and liquid sprays through our modern equipment for ensuring 100% effectiveness in controlling the pests. We have a fully certified, bonded and insured company that makes sure you have a safe and hygienic environment. Call us today for free estimates!


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