Six Ways To Get Rid Of Mice From Your Home

Get Rid Of Mice

Mice can create a lot of menaces once they find a spot in your home. It becomes like a daily routine as they run around the home in search of food, comfort and abode. What’s worse is they start to chew on everything they get their hands on. From walls, furniture, clothes, food containers and wires, they have the potential to cause some serious damage to all these things.

Mice build-up in your home can irritate anyone to the core. There are some serious health concerns too because they carry bacteria, pathogens and inflict allergies to people living on the premises.

What are the Signs of Mice Infestation?

  • Capsule-shaped droppings
  • Chewed food, paper, and clothes
  • Weird marks on cardboard
  • Small burrows in the garden
  • Odd smells & screeching noise
  • Damaged plants and wall holes

Here are the 6 ways to get rid of mice from your home:

1. Stop Entry Points

Check all the possible entry points which could invite the entry of mice. You can block these points and use mice deterring solutions both organic as well as chemical-based whichever works well. Blocking their passage is one of the effective ways to eliminate their presence in your home.

2. Use Mice Traps

Bring mouse traps to use and leave them at corners and points where mice are likely to present. Leave some food inside the trap to invite these nuisance creators and trap them. Put the trap carefully against the wall, with the trigger facing down. Then Just wait for it to catch a mouse.

3. Clear Out The Garage

Once mice get into your garage, getting rid of them can be a chore. Perform cleaning exercises not only within the house but also in the spaces which don’t get our attention. Clear out the garage, basement, and storeroom to keep a check on their entry.

4. Repellants

It is best to use mice repellents to keep them at bay. There are some good quality mouse repellants which can be used to keep their entry restricted inside your home.

5. Sanitation

You need to perform proper sanitation to keep the pests, insects, and mice away. It has to be a regular exercise and not limited to a one-time measure. In order to have effective control, you need to regularly sanitize the home.

6. Use Essential Oil

Essential oils prove to be highly effective in keeping pests, mice, and insects away. Use some good-quality essential oils to keep your home free from these irritating creatures.

Besides these, make sure you remove all the sources of food and shelter. Mice might just need small amounts of food and can survive long hours. Another problem is their breeding. Mice can literally multiply in numbers within a quick span of time. If you don’t take necessary actions to control their population then they can create a menace and inflict some serious damage to the property.

Everyone has their limitations with regard to dealing with mice. If you have a mice infestation and having trouble getting rid of them, the best thing you can do is hire a professional that specializes in quickly removing mice from your home. At Elite Pest & Wildlife we have a team of mice exterminators who are notably skilled in removing mice in commercial and residential places. Call us today for a free quote!


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Six Ways To Get Rid Of Mice From Your Home

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